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Classic LOCKSS Daemon

LOCKSS Program logo

This is the source tree for the classic LOCKSS daemon (version 1.x). See for information about the LOCKSS Program.


A one-time copy can be obtained with Wget or Curl:

# With Wget

# With Curl
curl -L -o

A buildable snapshot can be obtained by cloning the master branch:

# GitHub account with SSH key
git clone --depth 1 --branch master

# Anonymous
git clone --depth 1 --branch master

To obtain a local copy of the LOCKSS daemon Git repository, you can use the git clone command to establish the repository:

# GitHub account with SSH key
git clone

# Anonymous
git clone

You can subsquently use git pull to update.


For development purposes, you will need:

Additional Prerequisites

  • In order to process split Zip files at runtime, the command-line zip program must be installed. (Most Linux systems have zip and unzip installed by default, or they can be installed easily from the software package manager.)

Other Prerequisites

  • JUnit 3.8.1 is included in the LOCKSS source distribution, but the Ant targets that invoke JUnit (test-xxx) require the JUnit JAR to be on Ant's CLASSPATH. The easiest way to do this is to copy lib/junit.jar into Ant's lib/ directory (/path/to/ant/lib).

  • For some of the tools, the JAVA_HOME environment variable must be set to the directory in which the JDK is installed, is expected that tools.jar can be found in ${JAVA_HOME}/lib.

  • Some of the tests also require the command line zip program to be installed.


ant test-all
    Builds the system and runs all unit tests

ant test-one
    Builds the system and runs the given JUnit test class

ant -projecthelp
ant -p
    Lists other build options

Other Documentation

See the LOCKSS documentation portal at