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This is the source tree for the LOCKSS daemon. See for information about the LOCKSS project.

Obtaining Source

A one-time copy can be obtained with wget or curl:



curl -L -o

A buildable snapshot can be obtained by cloning the master branch git clone --depth 1 --branch master

To establish a local copy of the LOCKSS git repository you can use the “git clone” command to establish the repository and “git pull” to pull in updates:

git clone

To update the local copy run within you local lockss-daemon dir:

git pull

Building and Installing


  • Sun JDK 7. Java 8 is not yet supported.
  • Ant 1.7.1 or greater. (
  • Python 2.5 or greater (but not 3.x).

On Debian or Ubuntu you can grab all of the above with:

apt-get install python sun-java7-jdk ant ant-optional

Other Dependencies:


Junit is included in the LOCKSS source distribution, but the Ant targets that invoke JUnit (test-xxx) require the JUnit jar to be on Ant's classpath. The easiest way to do that is to copy lib/junit.jar into Ant's lib directory (<ant-install-dir>/ant/lib) or your local .ant/lib directory.

JAVA_HOME Environment variable

For some of the tools the JAVA_HOME env var must be set to the directory in which the JDK is installed. (I.e., it's expected that tools.jar can be found in $JAVA_HOME/lib)

To Build

-ant test-all

Builds the system and runs all unit tests

-ant test-one

Builds the system and runs one JUnit test class.

-ant -projecthelp

Lists other build options

-ant btf

Build out the test frameworks to allow running a daemon and testing on local machine.