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InstallJammer is a program which generates executable install files.

One InstallJammer project can generate installer executables for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix based systems.

They are a slick implementation of a Windows style installer imported to the Linux world. They allow extensive customisability, the installer can edit config files, restart services or and insert files as required anywhere on the system.

If you are used to the Linux world downloading and running one of these impenetrable binary blobs as root is bloody terrifying.

This script provides an alternative.

It will search through your binary install blob, identify and extract the files buried within and drop them in a local directory. No higher permissions required, the only thing that is executed is the Perl script which lives up to Perl's reputation of easy inspection.


This script was developed against Installer_LPCXpresso_8.2.2_650_Linux-x86 and my own generated installers.

Other installers generated by other versions of InstallJammer may work in different ways and require further work to support.


    ./ installer_blob

Files will be dropped in ./install_dir/

See ./ --help for fancy usage options.

Requires the following modules:

  • Modern::Perl
  • Compress::Raw::Lzma
  • Term::ProgressBar
  • Data::Dump
  • File::HomeDir

This should do it for a Debian based system:

    apt-get install libmodern-perl-perl libcompress-raw-lzma-perl libterm-progressbar-perl libdata-dump-perl libfile-homedir-perl

Install Jammer

This project was developed completely without the endorsement or assistance of the Install Jammer team.

Install Jammer was created by Damon Courtney, visible development ceased seven years ago and he announced his intention to release the project to the users.

As far as I could discover the source code has never been publicly published. The Install Jammer releases consist of binary blobs and subordinate tcl files which allow extensive customisation of the install process.


Pulls files out of InstallJammer generated executable installers







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