C# Scripting API - run C# snippets within your Logic App
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C# Scripting API

Deploy to Azure


Click the "Deploy to Azure" button above. You can create new resources or reference existing ones (resource group, gateway, service plan, etc.) Site Name and Gateway must be unique URL hostnames. The deployment script will deploy the following:

  • Resource Group (optional)
  • Service Plan (if you don't reference exisiting one)
  • Gateway (if you don't reference existing one)
  • API App (CSharpAPI)
  • API App Host (this is the site behind the api app that this github code deploys to)

API Documentation

The API app has one action - Execute Script - which returns a JToken based on what the script returns.

The action has three input parameters:

Input Description
Script C# script syntax
Context Object (optional) Objects to reference in the script. Can pass in multiple objects, but base must be a single JObject { .. }. Can be accessed in script by object key (as a JToken).
Libraries (optional) Array of libraries to pass in and compile with script. Works from Blob/FTP Connector output of .dll files. See structure below. Default libraries can be found here

Context Object Structure

{ "object1": { ... }, "object2": "value" }

In script could then reference object1 and object2 - both passed in as a JToken.

Libraries Array Structure

[{"filename": "name.dll", "assembly": {Base64StringFromConnector}, "usingstatment": "using Library.Reference;"}, { ... } ] 

####AppDomain ####

The script executes inside of an AppDomain that includes some standard System assemblies as well as Newtonsoft.Json. The full list can be found here

###Trigger### You can use the C# Script API as a trigger. It takes a single input of "script" and will trigger the logic app (and pass result) whenever the script returns anything but false. You set the frequency in which the script runs.


Step Info
Action Execute Script
C# Script return message;
Context Object {"message": {"Hello": "World"}}
Output {"Hello": "World"}

You can also perform more complex scripts like the following: ####Context Object####

{ "tax": 0.06, "orders": [{"order": "order1", "subtotal": 100}] }

C# Script

foreach (var order in orders)
    order["total"] = (double)order["subtotal"] * (1 + (double)tax);
return orders;


[ {"order": "order1", "subtotal": 100, "total": 106.0 } ] 

Compiler Information

The following assemblies are included by default in the script:

using System; 
using Newtonsoft.Json; 
using Newtonsoft.Json.Linq; 
using System.Linq; 
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Net;
using System.Net.Http;
using System.Xml;