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This is a Fluentd solution for Kubernetes.

Fluentd DaemonSet

For Kubernetes, a DaemonSet ensures that some or all nodes run a copy of a pod. To collect logs, we'll use a Fluentd DaemonSet. Fluentd is flexible enough and has the proper plugins to distribute logs to different third parties, like

DaemonSet Content

This repository contains the configurations to deploy Fluentd as a DaemonSet. The Docker container image also comes pre-configured for Fluentd to gather all logs from the Kubernetes node environment and append the proper metadata to the logs.

Logging to

DaemonSet configuration

The DaemonSet yaml file has two environment variables. Fluentd uses these variables when the container starts.

Environment variable Description
LOGZIO_TOKEN account token
LOGZIO_URL listener url, If the account is in the EU region insert Otherwise, use You can tell your account's region by checking your login URL - means you are in the US. means you are in the EU endpoint configuration

Here you can configure Fluentd endpoint shipping behavior.

Variable Description Default
endpoint_url The url to input #{ENV['LOGZIO_URL']}?token=#{ENV['LOGZIO_TOKEN']}
output_include_time To append a timestamp to your logs when they're processed, true. Otherwise, false. true
buffer_type Specifies which plugin to use as the backend file
buffer_path Path of the buffer /var/log/Fluentd-buffers/stackdriver.buffer
buffer_queue_full_action Controls the behavior when the queue becomes full block
buffer_chunk_limit Maximum size of a chunk allowed 2M
buffer_queue_limit Maximum length of the output queue 6
flush_interval Interval, in seconds, to wait before invoking the next buffer flush 5s
max_retry_wait Maximum interval, in seconds, to wait between retries 30s
num_threads Number of threads to flush the buffer 2

Disable systemd input

If you don't setup systemd in the container, fluentd shows following messages by default configuration.

[warn]: #0 [in_systemd_bootkube] Systemd::JournalError: No such file or directory retrying in 1s
[warn]: #0 [in_systemd_kubelet] Systemd::JournalError: No such file or directory retrying in 1s
[warn]: #0 [in_systemd_docker] Systemd::JournalError: No such file or directory retrying in 1s

You can suppress these messages by setting disable to FLUENTD_SYSTEMD_CONF environment variable in your kubernetes configuration.

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