A Python wrapper for Slack's API
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A Python wrapper for Slack's API


(Formerly) listed as an official python client on Slack's Community-built Integrations page


pip install pyslack-real

(some chump stole the pyslack name right out from under me!)


Post a message into your Slack integration's #play channel

>>> from pyslack import SlackClient
>>> client = SlackClient('YOUR-TOKEN-HERE')
>>> client.chat_post_message('#play', "testing, testing...", username='slackbot')
{u'ok': 1, u'timestamp': u'1392000237000006'}

Integrate a SlackHandler into your logging!

>>> import logging
>>> from pyslack import SlackHandler

>>> logger = logging.getLogger('test')
>>> logger.setLevel(logging.DEBUG)

>>> handler = SlackHandler('YOUR-TOKEN-HERE', '#channel_name', username='botname')
>>> handler.setLevel(logging.WARNING)
>>> formatter = logging.Formatter('%(asctime)s [%(levelname)s] %(name)s (%(process)d): %(message)s')
>>> handler.setFormatter(formatter)
>>> logger.addHandler(handler)

>>> logger.error("Oh noh!") # Will post the formatted message to channel #channel_name from user botname


Before running the test suite, you'll need to add the required libraries to your environment. These aren't included in the main requirements.txt because they are not needed for normal operation of pyslack.

pip install -r tests/requirements.txt

The tests can be run as follows:

$ python setup.py test