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My suggest : Add box-sizing support to PIE (for IE 6-7)

their is a .htc polyfill ( and you can use it with PIE :

behavior: url(''), url(''); /*seam to works*/

but in some case they are conflictual (element is always resized on windows resize)
i think it was better to have this feature included in PIE.


Along these lines, something I've run into is that PIE always assumes that box-sizing is never set. Therefore, if you do set "box-sizing: border-box;" to your document so that widths are consistent among all browsers, elements end up larger in IE than in newer browsers.


Perhaps you could integrate the HTC code found here ;)


I should have commented earlier. I tried implementing this, but ran into a major stumbling block. If you change the width/height, you trigger a new PIE reflow. But you have to change it — clear element.runtimeStyle.width — in order to see what the dimensions actually are since JavaScript or some other style sheet rule may have overridden it in the meantime. Which triggers a PIE reflow. And so goes the merry-go-round of 100% CPU core utilization.


Couldn't you somehow set a special global state PIE.performReflow: false before you clear element.runtimeStyle.width, and then set it back to true when you are done?


+1 for this.

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