Jump to windows in a style similar to the easymotion vim plugin, best with tiling WMs
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A Easy motion style window switcher.

How it works

To focus any visible window just launch easyxmotion usually with a shortcut (i use the menu key), then it displays letters on each window, type that letter to jump to the window.

Should work with any window manager that supports EWMH. It probably only makes sense with tiling window managers. I've tested it only with XMonad. My dotfiles repo has the xmonad config.

inspired by the easymotion vim plugin.

This is the first open source project by Gravity Four.


Easyxmotion requires python, python xlib, pyosd and python wnck. To get these on ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install python-xlib python-pyosd python-wnck

If you're using libxosd patched for truetype font support (XFT) you'll need to change the font in the code.


just put it somewhere in your path.

Thanks to Noon for enthusiastic support.