PHP API for the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone.
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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Lodestone PHP API

An updated version of the original project, to work with the "new" Lodestone.

Available Features

Character Details Page


Returns character data for the given character ID.
Sample XML format data for this can be found at:
Sample JSON format data for this can be found at:
The PHP object returns data in the same layout.

Accessing via URL

You can grab either XML or JSON output.

An example query string would be:


The request and characterID queries are required; the responseType defaults to XML and is therefore not required unless you require JSON output.

Remaining to Update

Character Searching

$obj->SearchCharacterList($CharacterName, $Server = false, $Class = false)

Character Biography


Character Recent Blog Entries


Character Following Count


Character Follower Count


Character History

$obj->GetCharacterHistory($CharacterID, $page = 1)
defaults to 100 per page

Copyright Details

Original idea / version:

Updated by Loki: |

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