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Table of Contents

Lomorage - Save the moments, enjoy the memories

This is the homepage source of Lomorage, check bottom for reference to other repos

Lomorage is still on going project, however the basic features are pretty solid and ready to use

The simplest, easiest to use private photo cloud for the family.

  • Automatic Back Up: Automatically backs up all your photos from smartphones and computers to your own hard drive; Redundancy backup lowers the risk of losing data. No rate limits.

  • Original Quality: Whether it’s a 50 megapixel raw photo or hour long 4K HD video, back up your high resolution content as it is without any modification. What you take is what is saved.

  • Intelligent Organization: Use AI to sort your photos by date, location, person, scene; search by texts in photos; detect similar photos; remove duplicated assets; history of today reminder.

  • Unlimited Accounts: One server for all family members while each member has its own account, no account number limits. Share becomes easy.

  • Your Photos, Wherever You Are: Browse ALL your photos and videos from apps on your Android, iOS, Chromecast, Fire TV device, or a web browser; No need to worry about the phone space.

  • It’s Your Data: No tracking. We believe in privacy is super important for everyone, and anything we might collect (crash logs, discovery, etc.) is opt-in only. no vendor lock in.

Feature highlights

  • Backup photo on smart phone.
  • Incremental backup, fast and reliable.
  • Resumable backup, you can upload large video more reliably.
  • Support live photo, slow motion, raw DNG format and other popular media formats.
  • Save original file, no quality degradation, no metadata lost.
  • Photo/Video deduplicate。
  • Similarity check, you can choose to save the best one with multiple shoots。
  • Access photos seamlessly on multiple device with one account.
  • Isolated accounts for family members, keep your privacy.
  • Sharing tons of photos without worry about phone storage.
  • Easy access when you switching phone with different OS.
  • Export backup to Phone。
  • Offline mode so you can browser photos even without connectivity.
  • Search by location, date time, text in photo.
  • History of today, never buries the memories in hard drive.
  • Support user album and smart album.
  • Redundancy backup, lower the risk of losing data.
  • Import photo from hard drive, SD card etc.
  • No rate limit, no account number limitation, no vendor lock in.
  • Hard drive plug and play, no reformat required.


Check the installation guide.


Check FAQ here

If you have any issues, questions, concerns:


The code of mobile client and backend service is closed source.


Lomod is the Lomorage backend service. This repo includes armhf and amd64 binaries release of lomod(lomo-backend) in Linux.


LomoAgentWin is the Lomorage backend application running on Windows. This repo contains the binaries of the release.


LomoAgentOSX is the Lomorage backend application running on OSX. This repo contains the binaries of the release as well as the source code.


This is used for autoupdate of LomoAgentWin and LomoAgentOSX so once we release new version, it will update automatically.


You can use the docker image to install Lomorage on your existing Raspberry Pi setup, or you can run it on Windows/Mac.


You can download the apk release of Lomorage Android Application.


Lomorage frame app for FireTV, android Tablet.


Tool used to create customized Lomorage Raspbian image, which provides easy way to setup.

Armbian image builder

Tool used to create customized Lomorage Armbian image.


Source code of lomo-frame, which can be installed on Raspberry Pi, so you can connect with HDMI monitor to make your own digital frame.


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