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This release adds support for systems that have HT disabled and load
recording while a powerd is running.

- If HT is disabled the number of columns provided kern.cp_times
  is inconsistent with the number of cores reported hw.ncpu, this
  update allows powerd++, loadrec and loadplay to handle this gracefully
  instead of refusing to start
- Allow loadrec to record loads while a powerd is running, due to
  this pre 0.4.x versions of loadplay can not play new load recordings
- Add feature flags to load recordings
- Add loadplay support for the new load recordings
- loadplay reports loads in MHz
- Remove redundant outputs from loadplay

This release is thanks to a bug report by Crest, improvements between
rc1 and this release are thanks to a report by miwi. Testing of rc1
was provided by Yamagi, miwi and mr44er. Natuarally all mistakes
and errors that remain are mine.
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