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CLI tools for CodeIgniter 4
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Vulcan is a set of command line interface tools for CodeIgniter 4 that help you rapidly create boilerplate code, bypassing some of the developer's drudge work, and get on with the good parts.

This project is in the early development stages is not currently fit for consumption. Keep checking in, though, since it's sure to launch on or before CodeIgniter 4 does.


  • Integrates seamlessly into a CodeIgniter 4 project
  • Generate boilerplate code you don't like writing every time
  • Interactive REPL environment to test out features.
  • and likely more!


Download the Code


The preferred method to install is via Composer. Add the following to the require-dev section of your project's composer.json file:

"lonnieezell/vulcan": "dev-develop"

Manual Installation

Clone the repo to somewhere you'll find it again:

$ git clone

For this example, we'll pretend we're installing it to /home/vulcan, mainly to keep the typing minimal.

Next, install the dependencies with composer:

cd /home/vulcan
composer install

Great! I can use it now, right? Not so fast...

Let Your CodeIgniter Project Know

We need to let your project know where to find the commands, so open up /application/Config/Autoload.php and create the Vulcan namespace in the $psr4 array:

public $psr4 = [
    'Vulcan' => '/home/vulcan'

Now can we use it? You bet!

Get Creating

Using CodeIgniter 4's built-in cli tools you can call any of the Vulcan commands now:

$ php spark

This will provide a list of commands and a short explanation.

Using the Interactive Debugger

Vulcan packages the excellent PsySH repl and interactive debugger. Be sure to use read its manual to see all of the great things it can do.

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