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TikZ/PGF package for manipulating soft paths, includes the knots and calligraphy TikZ libraries.
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spath3 TikZ library

This is a library for manipulating TikZ's soft paths. When TikZ reads a path construction, it first constructs a soft path before converting it into an actual path in the output document. A soft path contains the information needed to build the path in a TeX macro, whence it can be manipulated before it is baked.

This library provides ways of modifying these paths before they are baked.

It also provides two sub-packages which make use of this facility:

  1. knots for drawing knot diagrams, sorting out the crossings at intersections
  2. calligraphy which turns a path into one that might be drawn by a calligraphic pen


These libraries are on CTAN and are included in TeXLive and MikTeX. You should obtain them from one of those sources. If you know that you need the most up to date version from here, then download the file spath3.dtx and run tex spath3.dtx to generate the files.


The simplest way to get the documentation is via texdoc or from CTAN. To generate it from source, run pdflatex on one of the _doc.tex files or on spath3.dtx itself.

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