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middleman-php allows Middleman to execute PHP scripts. So your source/kittens.php file will actually render kittens, and not a mess of <?php open tags.

Sometimes I have clients who want little bits of PHP interactivity on their site, but I still want to use Middleman to generate the PHP pages. This makes it so you don't have to middleman build and then upload to your site just to get a preview.

Gem Version


Add the extension to your Gemfile:

gem 'middleman-php'

And then run:

bundle install


You can activate the extension by adding the following to your config.rb file:

configure :development do
  activate :php

If you want the PHP to be parsed on builds too (as opposed to raw PHP generated for a server to run), just omit the configure block:

activate :php

Here is the list of settings with the default values:

activate :php do |config|
  config.show_debug = false # Output debug info to console

How does it work?

The PHP code will be executed only on pages where the URL ends in .php so if you want to see index.php, you'll have to actually stick index.php in your browser.

It will however, let you do fancy stuff like files ending in .php.erb... so your ERB can generate some PHP output.

Bug Reports

There are probably also bugs I haven't found, so if you find one, feel free to submit an issue!


Copyright (c) 2014-2015 Robert Lord. MIT Licensed, see LICENSE for details.