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                        ███████╗  █████╗   ██████╗  ██╗
                        ██╔════╝ ██╔══██╗ ██╔═══██╗ ██║
                        █████╗   ███████║ ██║   ██║ ██║
                        ██╔══╝   ██╔══██║ ██║▄▄ ██║ ╚═╝ 
                        ██║      ██║  ██║ ╚██████╔╝ ██╗
                        ╚═╝      ╚═╝  ╚═╝  ╚══▀▀═╝  ╚═╝ 

                              --- POWERED BY ---
            ╦   ╔═╗ ╦═╗ ╔╦╗ ╦   ╔═╗ ╔═╗ ╔═╗      ╔╦╗ ╔═╗ ╔═╗ ╔╦╗ ╦
            ║   ║ ║ ╠╦╝  ║║ ║   ║╣  ╚═╗ ╚═╗       ║  ║╣  ╠═╣ ║║║ ║
            ╩═╝ ╚═╝ ╩╚═ ═╩╝ ╩═╝ ╚═╝ ╚═╝ ╚═╝       ╩  ╚═╝ ╩ ╩ ╩ ╩ o 

中文版 FAQ

What is the Bounty Hunter?

Everyone who enters the LORDLESS world will become a bounty hunter. Bounty hunters can pick up the tasks posted by the tavernlisher in different taverns. When the task is completed, the bounty hunter will receive a reward.

🏦 What Tavern is?

Tavern is responsible for the distribution of the candy task, which is the bridge between the project side and the user. The tavern is a relatively special and rare digital asset in LORDLESS, the ERC-721 token. It is assignable in the LORDLESS original world, but it is never replaceable. Most of the interactions in the virtual world depend on taverns. The core information of the tavern will be stored on the blockchain to ensure that the digital asset is not modified. Since the tavern is the most central and rare asset in LORDLESS, the official will issue a total of 4,000 taverns in multiple installments. The upper limit of the number of taverns will be written into the smart contract, never overdue

Tavern Features are as follows:

  • 🍬 Tavern has the ability to receive various types of candy missions to LORDLESS
  • 🏦 Tavern can trade freely on ERC721 Market

What is TavernKeeper?

The owner of a tavern is the TavernKeeper. Once the user becomes the TavernKeeper, you will be the dual identity of "Bounty Hunter" and "TavernKeeper" from then on. The TavernKeeper has the right to buy and sell taverns, as well as the franchise rewards. After the recruitment is open, you can also organize the recruited bounty hunters to fight and plunder in other taverns or areas.

What is the Popularity property of Tavern?

  • 🌍 Popularity indicates the popularity of Tavern in the real world

  • 🙀 Popularity is the foundation of the building and can't be adjusted. It will affect the upgrade speed of Tavern, candy quality, user traffic, etc., including B, A, S, SS 4 levels

Tavern ID Range Polularity Rare Rate
0 - 99 SS 2.5%
100 - 799 S 17.5%
800 - 1799 A 25%
1800 - 3999 B 55%

What is Task?

  • ⌛ Getting candy can start with Task
  • ✌️ After the mission is completed, the Bounty Hunter, the TavernKeeper, and the Tavern parties change as follows:
Roles Candy AC AP
Bounty Hunter ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬇️
TavernKeeper (Barkeeper) ️⬆️ - ⬇️
Tavern - ⬆️ ⬇️

What does AP and LEVEL do?

  • 💰 LEVEL of the Bounty Hunter affects the reward of each mission
  • 🍬 Tavern's LEVEL affects the quality of the candy
  • 📈 AC is Activeness, is the embodiment of the degree of activity
  • 🤴 AC directly determines its subject LEVEL
  • 👑 AC and Popularity affect Influence

Activity is the embodiment of how many bounty hunters in the tavern are collecting, executing, and completing tasks. Whenever a bounty hunter completes a mission in the current tavern, the tavern's activity increases. When the activity is accumulated to a certain value, the tavern will be upgraded. The level of the tavern is crucial, as some of the advanced or rare quests will only be tavernlished in the premium tavern, and the bounty hunters will only be available in the premium tavern.

What is the Influence property?

  • 👑 Influence is a reflection of Tavern's comprehensive capabilities, determined by AC and Popularity?
  • 💰 Influence The higher the proportion of APs obtained in each round of Round, the more tasks that can be issued, and the greater the reward that the lord can live.

In the LORDLESS world, influence will be determined by both popularity and activity. The popularity represents the initial positioning of the tavern in the real world, while the activity describes the development of the tavern in the virtual world. Combine two points to calculate the specific influence of the tavern in the virtual world. Influence is the ultimate measure of the rarity of a tavern in a virtual world. The interior and appearance of the tavern will change as the influence of the tavern increases.

What is AP?

  • AP is Action Point, Receiving task consumption AP ⬇️
  • 🕗 AP resets every few hours

The energy point of the tavern describes the amount that the tavern can assign to the quest reward in a round of missions initiated by the tavernlisher. The higher the influence of the tavern, the more tasks that can be distributed in a single round. Every time a mission is picked up by a bounty hunter, the tavern's energy points are consumed until the energy point of the tavern is consumed, and the bounty hunter cannot continue to receive the quest at the tavern.

What is Round?

  • 🍭 Round is the minimum unit of the project party to deliver candy tasks
  • 📍 Each Round contains Candy Total' ``Candy Type Task Type End Time and other attributes

The mission is at the heart of the LORDLESS world. Any host will create a task in the form of a "round". In a single round, LORDLESS will provide the reward consumption for a single task in real time. The host needs to determine the start time, end time, task type, task name, task content, and most important task total rewards for the task for that round. The sign of the end of a single round of missions means:

  • 🈚️ All rewards for the duration of the round are all issued in the form of tasks.
  • ⌛ The duration of the round ends

If the duration of a round ends but the reward is not issued, it will be returned to the original address.

What is the distribution rule for Tavern

The total circulation is 4,000, each issue is 20

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