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CakePHP 2.0 plugin to bridge with Doctrine MongoDB ODM in order to use models as objects persisted by Doctrine. This changes the original CakePHP feature of returning arrays of results, and instead returns objects wich are cleaner to manage and extend.
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Change into your Plugin directory, and checkout the git repo:

cd Plugin
git clone git://
cd MongoCake
git submodule update --init --recursive


You first need to activate the plugin in CakePHP after placing it in the correct folder:

CakePlugin::load('MongoCake', array('bootstrap' => true));

Use this MongoCake plugin like any other datasource, with its own configuration options:

// Within Config/database.php
public $default = array(
    'datasource' => 'MongoCake.CakeMongoSource',
    'server' => 'localhost', // Optional
    'database' => 'mydatabase', // Database to use


Ensure that your models extend the CakeDocument class.

class User extends CakeDocument {
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