Library to compare two object graphs detecting change
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Library to compare two entity object graphs detecting changes

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NuGet Version


The EntityChange library is available on via package name EntityChange.

To install EntityChange, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package EntityChange

More information about NuGet package available at

Development Builds

Development builds are available on the feed. A development build is promoted to the main NuGet feed when it's determined to be stable.

In your Package Manager settings add the following package source for development builds:


  • Compare complete entity graph including child entities, collections and dictionaries
  • Collection compare by index or element equality
  • Dictionary compare by key
  • Custom value string formatter
  • Custom entity equality compare
  • Markdown or Html change report formatter


Configure the Contact properties and collections.

EntityChange.Configuration.Default.Configure(config => config
    .Entity<Contact>(e =>
        // set the FirstName display name
        e.Property(p => p.FirstName).Display("First Name");
        // compare the Roles collection by string equality
        e.Collection(p => p.Roles)
        // set how to format the EmailAddress entity as a string
        e.Collection(p => p.EmailAddresses).ElementFormatter(v =>
            var address = v as EmailAddress;
            return address?.Address;
    .Entity<EmailAddress>(e =>
        e.Property(p => p.Address).Display("Email Address");


Compare to Contact entities

// create comparer using default configuration
var comparer = new EntityComparer();

// compare original and current instances generating change list 
var changes = comparer.Compare(original, current).ToList();

Change Report

Sample output from the MarkdownFormatter


  • Removed Administrator from Roles
  • Changed Email Address from to
  • Added to Email Addresses
  • Changed Status from New to Verified
  • Changed Updated from 5/17/2016 8:51:59 PM to 5/17/2016 8:52:00 PM
  • Changed Zip from 10026 to 10027
  • Changed Number from 888-555-1212 to 800-555-1212
  • Added Blah to Categories
  • Changed Data from 1 to 2
  • Changed Data from ./home to ./path