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πŸ”Œ Register a global Disqus component to add to your layouts
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Vuepress Plugin Disqus

πŸ”Œ Register a global <Disqus /> component to add to your layouts.

This plugins is a vuepress wrapper of vue-disqus.


npm i vuepress-plugin-disqus -D

Register the plugin

plugins: {
    'disqus': { /* options */ }

There is only one option available: name which specifies the name of the disqus component. Defaults to: Disqus.

Note that Vuepress allows multiple syntaxes to register plugins. See Vuepress documentation on how to use a plugin for more information.

Use the Disqus component

    <Disqus shortname="my-website-shortname" />

It is important to wrap the Disqus component between the ClientOnly component (natively provided by vuepress) otherwise npm run build will fail. This is because the Disqus component cannot be precompiled by the server and should only live on the client side.

You can use all the props and events defined by vue-disqus.

Prop Data Type required Description
shortname String true Your disqus shortname.
title String false Title that identifies the current page.
identifier String false The page's unique identifier
sso_config Object false Single sign-on (SSO)
api_key String false Your API key disqus
remote_auth_s3 String false implementation with Laravel/PHP
language String false Language overrides
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