A ruby script for Secret Santa.
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A ruby script for Secret Santa.

What is this ?

This simple ruby script will send a mail to your friends to tell them who they have to offer a present to this year for your Secret Santa.

Wrapping up the presents

In order to run the script, you need ruby.

When this is done, install the gmail gem with gem install gmail.

Writing santa's letter

If you want a custom message, open secretsanta.rb with your favourite editor, and replace the mail subjet and template with whatever you want (even utf-8 characters !). You can find it in the last lines of the script.

Open people.txt with your favorite editor, and follow the template to add people. The format is, for every line :

Name email@anything.really

If someone does not want to be matched with another person, use this format (only on the last of the two !)

Romeo romeo@verona.it NOT Juliet

Deliver the presents

in the directory, execute ruby secretsanta.rb, and insert your gmail username and password. You might have to temporarily enable signin from insecure source (you will receive a mail from google).