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🐐 Time Series Compression
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GoatSwim is a time-series database heavily inspired by the Gorilla paper released by Facebook. It is intended to be used as a UNIX daemon that awaits for data points and stores them in main memory. The project is in its early state and no further implementation details and goals are available. logo


The GHC version used throughout the project is 8.0.1. All packages are sourced from the Stackage 7 LTS repository.

Currently the following Haskell packages are required:

  • bifunctors
  • bytestring
  • floating-bits
  • safe
  • split

This list is subject to change (e.g. cereal might be added) and should not be taken as final.

Supported platforms

GoatSwim can be successfully compiled on any platform that is supported by the GHC compiler. Currently tested platforms are:

  • Mac OS X 10.8
  • FreeBSD 10.0

Platforms not included in this list (and supported by GHC) are supposed to work but have not been tested. You are invited to do so and report the results.


GoatSwim is licensed under the terms of the 3-clause BSD license. For more information please consult the LICENSE file. In case that you need a different license, feel free to contact me.


Daniel Lovasko

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