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Fast extraction of all external links from wikipedia
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Fast extraction of all external links from wikipedia.

Wikipedia provides various dumps, including a dump of all the links from it to other sites. Unfortunately, the only format in which this data can be doawnloaded is SQL, which is not very practical. Typically, you would have to set up a MySQL database, and then import all the data from the dump in it before being able to work with the data.

This project provides a simple binary that parses the SQL file in a streaming fashion, and outputs the links as plain text, one link per line. It requires no setup, and is very fast (you will be limited by the speed at which you can download the dumps, not by this program). It may be useful to create a seedlist for a crawler.

This small program takes a wikipedia SQL dump on the input, and outputs an exhaustive list of all outlinks from wikipedia to other sites.

How to use

On linux


wget ''
chmod +x wikipedia-externallinks-fast-extraction

Extract links

curl ''$LANG'wiki/latest/'$LANG'wiki-latest-externallinks.sql.gz' |
	gunzip |
	./wikipedia-externallinks-fast-extraction > urls.txt

The urls will be streamed into urls.txt as they are downloaded. You will see warnings on the standard error. Most of them should be safe to ignore.

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