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A raw guide to remember

What the F?

This is Apple's the best thing since sliced bread called MacOS that installed into non-Apple products. In this case I use Asus X550VX and installed MacOS Catalina 10.15.2

Before we start, something important that everyone have to know before do this job is knowing the hardware specs, and here is my laptop's spesification:

  • Processor : Intel i7-6700
  • Wifi Adapter : Atheros AR9285
  • RAM : 8 GB
  • SSD : Samsung EVO 120GB
  • Audio : Unchecked, but it used ALC255 on post-installation.

Jump to Hacki

Back Up

It always come first when you do OS Installation, just in case you need your data so bad!

Create USB Bootable

Put it in your mind that it needs more than 8GBs of free space USB, the 16GB are recommended!

Two ways that i've ever tried for installation is using multibeast and balena etcher. But when I use windows, I'll using Transmac. The image that i used is coming from Olarila, a real vanilla OS as it said. Except you use multibeast you have to download it from the store!


I can't show you the step, but it's ez af. But disable boot security first!

  • Boot into flashdrive
  • Go to configuration or type o
  • Change config into config2 for laptop, because config is only for PC
  • Boot Installation
  • Clean up the disk first
  • Install Catalina


  • Install Clover (It's in the FILES directory)
  • Copy Clover Configurator into /Application
  • Mount /EFI from Disk (and Flashdrive).
  • Replace everything inside /EFI on Disk with /EFI on Flashdrive
  • Reboot and unplug the USB, if it could boot from clover, it works.
  • Mount /EFI from Disk and Browse
  • Jump into /EFI/EFI/CLOVER/
  • In Kext directory, you'll see Other directory, replace is with Other from this repo
  • Replace config.plist with repo's config.plist
  • And in /EFI/EFI/CLOVER/ACPI save DSDT.aml into patched directory


Q: Audio is not working? A: Try to change layout-id value. Use Hackintool for knowing the availabe layout, and try it first by inserting boot argument alcid=layout-id. If it works, put it into properti preferences in config.plist using Clover Configurator

  • Q: Wifi detected but cannot found any SSID.

  • A: Try to remove AirPortAtheros40.kext, ATH9KInjector.kext, IO80211Family.kext. And then, inject via Kext Droplet, and insert it into S/L/E.

  • Q: Wifi is on and detecting the SSID, but the nearest SSID has low signal.

  • A: If it works, it's okay.

  • Q: Is HDMI works?

  • A: Yes, tested.

  • Q: What about sleep or hibernate?

  • A: Still don't know.

  • Q: Is power management on?

  • A: Make sure that config.plist/acpi/ssdt is setled plugintype=1


A raw guide to remember






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