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This Script spams as many Messages as you want in a Chat. Tampermonkey Executable to inject Extensions to Whatsapp Web. Free to use for everyone. 📩
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Whatsapp Message Spammer (WMS)

This is the first Version of the Message-Bot for Whatsapp. In this Version you can type a message and spam it to the selected chat how often you want. The cool thing about this Bot is that the UI is binded to the Whatsapp Web UI. Also you can execute it with Tampermonkey if you want.


This application is for private or educational purposes only. Do not use it on other people without their permission. We do not accept responsibility for banned accounts or penalties of any kind caused by the use of this bots. We would like to point out that using a bot violates the Terms and Conditions of Whatsapp. By using the bot, you automatically accept that you yourself are criminally responsible for yourself and you are aware that it violates the guidelines.

Donation Donate

If this project help you reduce time to develop, you can give me a cup of coffee (or a Beer of course) :)

Support via PayPal

Prerequisites for WMS - Tampermonkey

For the Tempermonkey Script you first need to install the Tampermonkey Extension for your Browser of course :)
Go to Tampermonkey for Chrome and install the Extension.

* After you installed it click on the Tampermonkey Icon in the top right corner
* Click on "Create new Script"
* Now copy paste the script code and click save
* Be sure the script is active now in the overview
* Reload Whatsapp Web with active Tampermonkey * active Script
* Under your Profilepicture on the top left corner enter a text
* Enter a chatroom and then hit send.


Git - Fork

$ git clone

When you fork a project in order to propose changes to the original repository, you can configure Git to pull changes from the original, or upstream, repository into the local clone of your fork.
Click here to see how to keep a fork synched


Too see all published releases, please take a look at the tags of this repository an.

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