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Single species module discovery
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Compilation instructions


  • LEMON 1.3
  • ILOG CPLEX (>= 12.0)
  • OGDF (v. 2015.05)


Get heinz from github:

git clone <HTTPS clone URL (see on the right side of this page)>

First, LEMON 1.3 needs to be installed:

tar xvzf lemon-1.3.tar.gz
cd lemon-1.3

Note: On Mac OS, comment out the following two lines.


On earlier Mac OS versions also add the code below at line 159 in CMakeLists.txt.

  set( CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS "${CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS} -stdlib=libstdc++ " )

Finally, run

make install

You can remove the LEMON sources now, i.e., rm -rf lemon-1.3.

Next, OGDF needs to be installed:

unzip tech\
cd OGDF-snapshot
cmake .
make -j8

You can remove the OGDF sources now, i.e., rm -rf OGDF-snapshot.

Next, Heinz can be compiled. Execute the following commands from within the heinz directory:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

In case auto-detection of LEMON, OGDF or CPLEX fails, do

cmake \
-DCPLEX_INC_DIR=~/ILOG/cplex/include/ \
-DCPLEX_LIB_DIR=~/ILOG/cplex/lib/x86-64_osx/static_pic \
-DCONCERT_LIB_DIR=~/ILOG/concert/lib/x86-64_osx/static_pic \
-DCONCERT_INC_DIR=~/ILOG/concert/include/ ..

Running heinz

To run heinz on the test instances:

./heinz -n ../data/test/NodesPCST.txt -e ../data/test/EdgesPCST.txt

Or do:

make check

To run heinz on the DIMACS MWCS instances, do:

./heinz -stp ../data/DIMACS/mwcs/ACTMOD/HCMV.stp

For the PCST DIMACS instances use:

./heinz -stp-pcst ../data/DIMACS/pcst/PCSPG-JMP/K100.2.stp
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