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Tools for pulling the Khan Academy videos offline for use with the Kids on Computers project
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This is a project for Kids on Computers to give access to Khan Academy offline

There are several tools available here:

However, the closest existing tool is designed for running a local instance of the website in
Windows (using google app engine) and so this version of the tool took the python scripts from and have been adapting them to

a) work with other video formats (mp4, ogg) that exist on
b) provide a command-line interface for interacting with this tool
c) create a web interface to interact with the local video storage


* remove and replace with a list of the known categories in

* to read each category's url (eg: and process list of filenames in each (as requested through the command line args for -c categories)
* check if each video exists in local video/ dir before trying to download
** if not already downloaded, download each unique filename with a format that matches the requested list of formats to the video/ dir
** else, skip it
* write an index page in the top level of koc_khan_offline that displays the content of the video dir so users can interact with the videos through that

Nice to have:
* keep a list of what doesn't download (or how far the script runs until?)
* SMS if there are updates available (twilio)
* easter egg - download one monty python video :)
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