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This is my fork of

*** Credits ***
    This project is directly based on those projects:
    * Alex Gaynor
    * Ludwik Trammer:
    * Jeremy Epstein:
    * Flavio Curella:
    * Drew Wilson:

*** Installation ***
   * Add "taggit_autosuggest" to your INSTALLED_APPS in your project settings
   * Run "python collectstatic" in your django site dir.
   * Add the following line to your project's file:
         (r'^taggit_autosuggest/', include('taggit_autosuggest.urls')),

*** Settings ***
        Instead of collecting and serving the static files directly, you can
        also set this variable to your static base URL somewhere else.
        The amount of suggestions is limited, you can raise or lower the limit
        of default 20 using this setting.

*** Usage ***
To enable autosuggesting Tags, just let the tagged model use TaggableManager:
    from django.db import models
    from taggit_autosuggest.managers import TaggableManager

    class SomeModel(models.Model):

        tags = TaggableManager()