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LDM-151: Data Management Science Pipelines Design Document
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Data Management Science Pipelines Design


The LSST Science Requirements Document (the LSST SRD) specifies a set of data product guidelines, designed to support science goals envisioned to be enabled by the LSST observing program. Following these guidelines, the details of these data products have been described in the LSST Data Products Definition Document (DPDD), and captured in a formal flow-down from the SRD via the LSST System Requirements (LSR), Observatory System Specifications (OSS), to the Data Management System Requirements (DMSR). LSST Data Management subsystem has the responsibility for design, implementation, deployment and execution of software pipelines necessary to generate these data products. This document, in conjunction with the UML Use Case model (LDM-134), describes the design of the scientific aspects of those pipelines.


Building the PDF locally

To build the PDF from the Latex source you need to have the LSST tex styles available. The easiest way to do this is to clone the lsst-texmf repository and set the $TEXMFHOME environment variable.

From the root directory of the checkout of this repository:

git clone
export TEXMFHOME=`pwd`/lsst-texmf/texmf

You can also put the lsst-texmf checkout in a more general location such that it can be shared across multiple documents.

Continuous integration

LDM-151 is continuously integrated with Travis CI and published to

Development branches are available from

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