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Play Framework on Heroku.

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Play framework on Heroku

Key points

  • Create the app on the cedar stack

    heroku create --stack cedar

  • Give it a project.clj, to make it think it's a 'support' app configuration

    (defproject ring-on-heroku "1.0.0-SNAPSHOT" :description "Example Ring app running on Heroku")

  • Create an app

    play-1.2.2RC1/play new app

  • Setup procfile to start app from extracted play framework, and set port/JVM memory opts correctly


web: play-1.2.2RC1/play run scala_app --%prod -Xmx200m --http.port=$PORT

Create a Gemfile and Gemfile.lock to make heroku think it's a supported app:

  • Push to heroku, and enjoy!


  • Make scala work! Java only fine, scala strange memory errors. Check JVM config?
  • Parse out DB/memcache env vars in to java -D properties, then pick them up in app config via ${}
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