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pandapower is an easy to use network calculation program aimed to automate the analysis and optimization of power systems. It uses the data analysis library pandas and is compatible with the commonly used MATPOWER / PYPOWER case format. pandapower allows using different solvers including an improved Newton-Raphson power flow implementation, all PYPOWER solvers, the Newton-Raphson power flow solvers in the C++ library lightsim2grid, and the PowerModels.jl library.

More information about pandapower can be found on

About pandapower:

Getting Started:

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To get realistic load profile data and grid models across all voltage levels that are ready to be used in pandapower, have a look at the SimBench project website or on GitHub.


If you want to model pipe networks (heat, gas or water) as well, we recommend pandapower's sibling project pandapipes (website, GitHub repository).

pandapower is a joint development of the research group Energy Management and Power System Operation, University of Kassel and the Department for Distribution System Operation at the Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Economics and Energy System Technology (IEE), Kassel.

We welcome contributions to pandapower of any kind - if you want to contribute, please check out the pandapower contribution guidelines.


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