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Dolt provides a drop-in replacement for libtool that significantly decreases compile times on the platforms it supports. Rather than the libtool approach of running a large script for every compile that repeatedly figures out how to build libraries on the platform, dolt figures out those details at configure time and writes out a minimal doltcompile script containing only the commands needed to build a library on the current platform.


If you use automake, autoconf, and libtool, then using dolt just requires two steps:

  • add DOLT after the call to LT_INIT, AC_PATH_LIBTOOL, or AM_PATH_LIBTOOL in your configure.ac or configure.in script
  • append dolt.m4 to your project's acinclude.m4
  • Add DISTCLEANFILES = @DOLT_CLEANFILES@ to your Makefile.am For any platform Dolt does not support, it will transparently fall back to libtool.

Additional features

  • Experimental yasm support.