A random collection of core and utility level Lua libraries
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Lua-Núcleo – A random collection of core and utility level Lua libraries

See the copyright information in the file named COPYRIGHT.


Lua-Núcleo itself does not have external dependencies except for Lua 5.1 itself.

The tests are dependent on luafilesystem and lua-aplicado:

sudo luarocks install luafilesystem
sudo luarocks install lua-aplicado

List of cases will not be updated without luafilesystem, but you should be able to run tests themselves. Low-level tests can't be executed without lua-aplicado.


If you're in a require-friendly environment, you may install lua-nucleo from luarocks (http://www.luarocks.org):

luarocks install lua-nucleo

Or, if you want to get the most current code, use rocks-cvs version:

luarocks install \
    lua-nucleo \

Otherwise just copy lua-nucleo directory whereever is comfortable.

Initialization with require()

To use lua-nucleo in require-friendly environment, do as follows:

require 'lua-nucleo'

This assumes that lua-nucleo directory is somewhere in the package.path

Note that it will enable the strict mode (aka the Global Environment Protection)

If you definitely want to use lua-nucleo without strict mode, please use instead:

    require 'lua-nucleo.import'

For all other lua-nucleo files with and without strict mode, use import().

Note that if you want to keep using require(), you may replace in your code

local foo, bar = import 'lua-nucleo/baz/quo.lua' { 'foo', 'bar' }


local quo = require 'lua-nucleo.baz.quo'
local foo, bar = quo.foo, quo.bar

Initialization without require()

Set CODE_ROOT Lua variable to path to lua-nucleo directory.


After that use import().


Sorry, the documentation for the project is not available at this point. Read the source and tests.


See file named TODO.


Post your questions to the Lua mailing list: http://www.lua.org/lua-l.html