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RFLink is a cool solution to work with 433 MHz gadgets, like remote-controlled Poweroutlets.

FHEM is a cool software for homeautomation.

Since there is no module in FHEM available i was searching for a way to use RFLink from FHEM.

My first try was RflinkToJsonMqtt which didn't work with FHEM like expected.

So i created a new solution based on the module from @github/jit06 .

Use it at your own risk!


  • You need a working RFLink-Hardware
  • Edit common.h line 23-36 to your need. (SSID,Wifi Password and Broker)
  • compile and upload to a NodeMCU or ESP8266 Board
  • Wire the NodeMCU like shown in ESPRFLINKMQTT.png
  • Use a mqtt client to subscribe to RFLink\# and see what happens
  • Use your remote to send some commands to your devices or wait until your gadgets send some data
  • The Hardware Serial from your ESP is used for debugging, the software-serial used to connect to the rflink

How to use

when RFLink receives something this is presented on the serial line eg.:


This software published this to the topics:


as json like this:


This is the raw string

For FHEM this is hard to parse, so my module publishes also this topics with the coresponding values:


The corresponding FHEM-Device looks like this:

define Xiron_2801 MQTT_DEVICE
attr Xiron_2801 IODev Mosquitto195
attr Xiron_2801 autoSubscribeReadings RFLink/Xiron/2801/+
attr Xiron_2801 stateFormat TEMP °C

How to send commands


publish the command according to the documentation to the topic





This is a beta software, use it at your own risk!!!