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Theme For Rails (3 and hopefully later)

Features list

  • Support for adding themes which includes stylesheets, javascripts, views and layouts.
  • add a theme-image-url sass helper method for asset pipeline based themes
  • update the generators and rake tasks to support asset pipeline based themes
  • (NEW) works with the Rails Assets Pipeline without interfering, and leveraging it.


This gem works with Rails from version 3.0 to at least 3.2.1 (current at the moment of writing this readme file).


Ideas / Inspiration

  • Add ThemesForRails::Railtie for configuration, so we selectively set the plugin on or off. Also to be able to change several settings.
  • Add routes to allow access to the theme’s static resources (js and cs), unless cached on public folder by capistrano / rake.
  • Extend Action View path in order to make the views accessible. Same for the layouts.
  • More tests ford edge cases. Now I am only testing the happy paths.

Rails 2 Support

This gem only works with Rails 3 (duh). If you want the same exactly behavior, but for Rails 2.x, go here .

Running tests

gem install bundler
bundle install

Authors and contributors

  • lucasefe
  • jedifreeman
  • jbarreneche
  • kule
  • matheusmoreira
  • rafaelss
  • maxjgon

Last but not least

If you are using this gem, please, take a minute to recommend me at Working With Rails.

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