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  • Github projects management and processing for entreprisess
  • Respond on created tags on master branch with processors
  • Processors : per project configuration of standard (clone, build, send, etc.) and custom processors to run against a tag hook
  • Relies on Github user roles and access system
  • Small API : create tags on master, respond to Github web hooks, etc.
  • Miscs : loging


  • api : the public API
  • configs : global config and projects config files
  • clones : temporary repos clones (clones for building then copying to web)
  • envs-assets : projects env specific assets
  • libs : libs
  • locks: the locks folder
  • processors : the processors

Users management

  • Relies on Github user roles and access system
  • Users must have a valid Github account
  • To be able to clone and create tags (with the API or not), a user must be granted access to the repo on Github


  • Tag name syntax : .*--deploy==ENV==TARGET
  • ENVs are defined in $PROCESSOR_AVAILABLE_ENVS in configs/config.php
  • If target is ommited, target = "default"
  • The tag must be created on the master branch
  • Wheter the tag is created from the API or from a local repo (and then pushed), the processing will be triggered
  • For the tag to trigger processor, a webhook must be set on the repo. Our small API can take care of it. cf Route 'Init processing'


  • The available processors are located in processors
  • Processors docs can be found in the headers of the processors/* files
  • The main processor must be called first and calls the next processors configured in configs/owner/repo.json->processors
  • All processors extends Processor class (libs/processor.php)
  • All processors must implement the run method
  • All available properties are the public properties of the Processor class



  • The API is used to respond to the Github webhook
  • It can be used as well to init the webhook config or create tags (without clone the project !)
  • Most API calls require a Github user access token :
  • GITHUB_MASTER_TOKEN user must have access to all repos


  • List repos :
    • GET /repos
    • List all managed repos
  • Create a tag :
    • POST /repos/:owner/:repo/tag :
    • Post params : tag-revision, tag-name, tag-message
    • Get param : github-token (the github token of the user)
    • Example : cf tests/api-tests.php
  • Init repo :
    • POST /repos/:repo/init
    • Post params : none
    • Get param : github-token (the github token of the user) (the user must be part of $MASTER_USERS)
    • Create a repo and init hook
    • Example : cf tests/api-tests.php
  • Init hook :
    • POST /repos/:owner/:repo/hook/init
    • Post params : none
    • Get param : github-token (the github token of the user) (use GITHUB_MASTER_TOKEN if called from PHP for administration purpose)
    • Example : cf tests/api-tests.php
  • Github hook :
    • POST /repos/:owner/:repo/hook/:token
    • Called by github on tag create


  • API tests :
  • Processors tests : php tests/processors-test.php
  • In production mode, use a htaccess or remove this folder
  • Debug tip : tail -f processing-owner-repo.log and tail -f api.log
  • Debut tip 2 : some exec error will go in the apache log : tail -f /var/log/apache2/error_log

Install requirements

  • curl -sS | php
  • mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer
  • Apache, mod_rewrite
  • PHP 5.3
  • Unix system (some processors use cp, rsync, ssh, etc.)


  • composer install
  • mv configs/config.php.sample configs/config.php
  • edit the configs/config.php file :
    • change API_PRIVATE_KEY to a random string
    • set APACHE_HOME to an existing folder and make sure Apache can write in it (or sudo mkdir /ghm-tmp && sudo chmod -R 777 /ghm-tmp (the APACHE_HOME folder, defined in configs/config.php)
    • set ENV_PATH so it contains all binaries that might be called from processors (rsync, scp, git), or build files (npm, grunt, etc.)
    • API_URL is where your api is publicly http available
    • set DEBUG to false in production mode
  • Test :

Git workflow

  • This management method is agnostic of pull requests and branches
  • It just helps deploying the master branch when you want (see Triggering



  • Not yet compatible with Github Entreprise (maybe some API differences)
  • better capture exec ouput un tools->run()
  • Could do ENV detection based on what branch the tag has been created (master -> prod, dev -> dev)
  • log cleanup