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LilyPond (lightning talk)

These are the slides for a ten-minute lightning talk I held about LilyPond on three occasions:

  • At work (release, PDF), on 2019-01-24. This version of the slides can mostly stand on its own, feel free to take a look.
  • At EnthusiastiCon 2019 (recording, release, PDF), on 2019-05-25. This version has a lot less text on the slides and really needs the verbal commentary as well.
  • At 36C3 (recording, release, PDF), on 2019-12-29. This version is almost identical to the EnthusiastiCon 2019 version.


Published under CC BY 4.0, though the music snippets from slide 3 onwards are not public domain. (The \oct command for the last slide can also be found on StackOverflow.) Feel free to contact me if you need any of this under a different license.