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python bindings for vmware vix api
C Python
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switch to vmware workstation api

Signed-off-by: Lucian Adrian Grijincu <>
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@luciang authored
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docs version: mark upgrade
tests vm: add getCurrentSnapshot and getNamedSnapshot
.gitignore .gitignore: ignore build/
PKG-INFO version: mark upgrade
README readme: add description import pyvix dos2unix + shebang
_vixmodule.c call python initializers
_vixmodule.h vm: add vmxPath property
callback_accumulator.c callback_accumulator: add VixCallbackAccumulator_TupleInit
error_handling.c upgrade to new vix.h: rename XXX_PROHIBITED_ON* to XXX_PROHIBITED
host.c switch to vmware workstation api
lifo_linked_list.h import pyvix
lock_manip.h import pyvix
memory_systems.h import pyvix
setup.cfg import pyvix switch to vmware workstation api
snapshot.c import pyvix
stateful_handle_wrapper.c import pyvix
util.c import pyvix
version.txt version: mark upgrade vm: add getCurrentSnapshot and getNamedSnapshot
vm.c vm: add #ifdef guards for stuff only defined in workstation


pyvix is a Python wrapper for the VMWare VIX C API that allows Python
to programmatically control VMWare virtual machines.

Example operations include:
 - powering on/off;
 - suspending;
 - creating, reverting to, and removing snapshots;
 - sending/receiving files to/from the virtual machine;
 - running programs on the virtual machine.

= Build and install =
rm -rdf build/; python build; python install

Note that `python build` will call gcc to build the Python
extension module and link it to Make sure you use
the same compiler version for both and the extension.
I "solved" some Segmentation Faults by matching the compiler versions.

= Run tests =
a) /usr/bin/py.test
   - this will run all tests in tests/
   - add "-v" to see the actual tests
   - add "-s" to see printf() from the C extensions and print from Python

b) gdb --args /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/py.test tests/ -s -v
   - run it like this under gdb: it needs as first argument a binary
    executable, not a script.

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