Exposes monitoring metrics for Apache Zookeeper to Prometheus
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Prometheus ZooKeeper Exporter Build Status

The exporter peridically scrapes Zookeeper metrics via four letter word commands, see https://zookeeper.apache.org/doc/trunk/zookeeperAdmin.html#The+Four+Letter+Words. Currently exposes metrics from the "mntr" and "ruok" (requires ZooKeeper 3.4.0 or above)

These are parsed into prometheus metrics and served on an endpoint at /metrics

Still a WIP


Currently requires go for installation. Binaries and a docker image will be coming.

To install the latest version run:

go get -u github.com/lucianjon/zk-exporter

Note: you should have $GOPATH/bin added to your $PATH


Once installed run:

zk-exporter -port <port> -servers <zookeeper servers> -pollinterval <how often to poll>

The ZooKeeper servers are a string in the host:port,host2:port2 format. The pollinterval is a go time.Duration value, eg: 30s

Getting Started

  • By default metrics are exposed on