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This is a collection of extension(s) I created for PopClip.

How to use

  1. Make sure you have PopClip installed.

  2. Run the command below in, which will allow PopClip to install 3rd party extension.

    defaults write com.pilotmoon.popclip LoadUnsignedExtensions -bool YES

    Restart PopClip to make it work.

  3. Download the desired extension in the Available Extension section below.

  4. Double click the downloaded .popclipextz file to install.

Available Extension(s)

I'm Feeling Lucky

I'm Feeling Lucky

Search the selected word(s) with Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" query, which will return the first search result.

Download: ImFeelingLucky.popclipextz

UPDATE: "I'm Feeling Lucky" extension has already been added to the official extensions collection.

GTranslate Popup

GTranslate Popup

This is a fork of the original Google Translate extension. Rather than open Google Traslate page in your browser, Granslate Popup will bring up popup window instead. You can select text (e.g. the translated text) in the popup window and click OK, the selected text will be copied to your clipboard.


NOTE: you have to install the service Google Translate.workflow by double clicking it.

Full Half Width

Full Half Width

This extension will convert fullwidth characters in the selected text to halfwidth ones and vise versa. Check the Wikipedia page to learn more about fullwidth and halfwidth forms.

Download: FullHalfWidth.popclipextz

UPDATE: "Full Half Width" extension has already been added to the official extensions collection.

Word Count+

Word Count+

This extension will show the number of words and characters in the selected text. It supports to both latin words and CJK characters (Chinese/Japanese/Korean).

Download: WordCountPlus.popclipextz


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