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LuckPerms Wiki

Welcome to the LuckPerms wiki. Here you will find a complete set of documentation for the plugin, outlining how to install, setup, configure and effectively use LuckPerms.

:rocket: The latest downloads for the project can be found on our homepage. :rocket:

Where to start?

If you've never used a permissions plugin before, I suggest you start at the top of the Setup section and work your way through everything.

The basics are covered in detail in the Usage section. Full command usage is detailed under Command Usage.


Free support for the project is offered by me (Luck) and other members of the community.

I would like help using / setting up / configuring the plugin

If you would like support using the plugin, please seek help in the following places. (in order of preference)

1) :book: Wiki

Please make use of the resources available here on GitHub. The entire plugin has extensive documentation, and most things are covered and explained here.

Please do not be offended if we respond to your question linking back here. It gets really boring answering the same questions again and again, when answers are readily available on the wiki. 🙂

Please take a look through the Frequently Asked Questions page, and any sections which are relevant to your question before seeking support with us directly.

2) :speech_balloon: Discord

You can join the LuckPerms guild by clicking on the following link, or typing it manually into the "Join a Server" window.

The community Discord Server is a great place to go if you have any unanswered questions, or want to chill out and chat with fellow admins and LuckPerms users.

There are lots of other people here who can answer any questions!

3) :speech_balloon: IRC

If IRC is your communication platform of choice, you can find us on the following IRC networks.

  • SpigotMC - - #luckperms
  • EsperNet - - #luckperms

I would like to report a bug or an issue

Before reporting a bug or issue, please make sure that the issue is actually being caused by or related to LuckPerms. We get a lot of reports which are caused by other software - please double check!

If you're unsure, feel free to ask using the above resources BEFORE making a report.

1) :octocat: GitHub

Bugs or issues should be reported using the GitHub Issues tab.

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