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Configuration managment for haskell
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what, why and a bit of how

Conferer is a library that defines ways of getting configuration for your Haskell application and the libraries it uses, which is at heart string keys which map to other strings.

To get this map we use Providers which define a way to get a key (eg. db.username) that may or may not exist, we then use a list of providers for getting the value for that key (position on the list defines priority). This allows adding new providers easily (for example a dhall file provider, a git repo or a etcd database)

The other side of this is that we have the FetchFromConfig which gets some value from a Config at a certain key possibly using only keys under some namespacing key


Let's say I want to configure warp. Let's say we wrote this program.

main = do
  -- by default gets cli parameters, envvars and properties file
  config <- getDefaultConfigFor "awesomeapp"
  warpConfig :: Warp.Settings <- getKey "warp" config

  Warp.runSettings warpConfig myApp

Now I need to chage the port of the app, I can change it by either:

  • Setting cli params like ./myApp --warp.port=5555
  • Setting an environment variable called AWESOMEAPP_WARP_PORT=5555
  • In a config/ file, you can have warp.port=5555

And you may also get that value from different configuration providers like redis, json file, dhall file or whichever you may need.

Existing providers

Providers usually incur in many dependencies so they are split into different packages

  • Json files: You can use json files to configure your app (depends on aeson)
  • Dhall files: You can use dhall files to configure your app (depends on dhall)
  • Yaml files: You can use Yaml files to configure your app (depends on yaml)

Existing FetchFromConfig instances

Default instances for fetching a values from a config (usually a config value for some library)

  • snap-server: You can fetch a config value for the snap library (which configures how the server runs)
  • warp: You can fetch a config value for the warp library
  • hspec: You can fetch a config value for the hspec library


There are as well some utilities to change providers:

  • Conferer.Provider.Namespace: All keys must be namespaced and the namespace is striped for lookup
  • Conferer.Provider.Mapped: Using a map key to maybe key you can change the name of a key or even hiding some key
  • Conferer.Provider.Simple: Get keys from a hardcoded map key to string

Future maybe things

  • Interpolate keys with other keys: {a: "db", b: "${a}_thing"}, getting b will give "db_thing" (maybe) even in different levels of configuration
  • A LOT of providers
  • A LOT of FetchFromConfig implementations
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