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Watchdog App for AppDaemon.
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Watchdog app for AppDaemon.

This will create a new entity for each watchdog that you can use in automations. You can add the same entity to multiple watchdogs.


Download the watchdog directory from inside the apps directory here to your local apps directory, then add the configuration to enable the watchdog module.

Example App configuration

  module: watchdog
  class: Watchdog
  state_normal: All good
  state_offline: Something is wrong!
    - name: bedroom
        - entity: sensor.battery
          below: 30
        - entity: binary_sensor.heat_bedroom
        - entity: sensor.battery2
          above: 80
    - name: livingroom
        - entity: sensor.battery
          state: unknown
          below: 30
        - entity: binary_sensor.heat_bedroom
          state: off
        - entity: sensor.battery2
          above: 80
key optional type default description
module False string The module name of the app.
class False string The name of the Class.
state_normal True string All good The state that will be used for the watchdog entity when everything is OK.
state_offline True string Something is wrong! The state that will be used for the watchdog entity when one or more watched entity are offline.
watchdogs False list A list of watchdogs.
watchdogs[name] False string The name of the watchdog.
watchdogs[icon] True string "mdi:eye" The name of the watchdog.
watchdogs[entities] False string A list of entites for the watchdog to monitor.
watchdogs[entities][entity] False string The entity ID of an entity to monitor.
watchdogs[entities][above] True string off A state to match for the trigger
watchdogs[entities][below] True int A int to match for the trigger
watchdogs[entities][state] True int A int to match for the trigger
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