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node.js library for box.{net,com}

This library is still under construction and for a particular use-case. Anybody who wants to add code is more than welcome (taking usual steps of course).


npm install nodebox


Right now the only exported function is fetchByExtensions, which pulls in files from your top-level directory. All these files match an extension in an array you put in. It is used as so:

{BoxFetcher} = require "node-box"
boxFetcher = new BoxFetcher(myApiKey)

... and then ...

authToken = somehowGetTokenFromSession()
boxFetcher.fetchExtensions token, ["jpg", "gif", "png"], (images)->
  # do stuff to images

How do I test

If you have jasmine-node installed:

jasmine-node --coffee spec/

A note on coffeescript

All code, tests and samples are right now written in coffeescript. However, the outputted npm is usable in vanilla js projects all the same.

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