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Releases: ludocode/mpack

MPack v1.1.1

09 Jan 03:49
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Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a builder element was aligned exactly at the end of a page. (See #94)

  • Fixed a crash when encountering an I/O error during builder resolution without an error handler callback. (See #98)

  • Fixed an error destroying a writer while a builder is open. (See #88)

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect NULL checks for 0-length buffers. (See #97)

  • Fixed a string formatting issue on platforms where int is not 32 bits. (See #103)

  • Fixed some documentation errors. (See #93, #102)

  • Cleaned up some references to old unit test buildsystem. (See #95)

MPack v1.1

23 Aug 03:42
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New Features:

  • Maps and arrays can now be built dynamically without specifying their size up front. See mpack_build_map() and mpack_build_array().

New Platforms:

  • Compiling as gnu89 is now supported. (See #68, #69)

  • Compiling in the Linux kernel is now possible using a standalone configuration file. (See #80)

  • Compiling for AVR (e.g. Arduino) and other microcontrollers is now supported. MPack now compiles cleanly on platforms with 16-bit int and size_t. (See #74, #79)

  • float and/or double can now be disabled individually on platforms with limited floating point support. If float is supported but not double, MessagePack doubles can be converted to float. (See #74, #79)

  • MPack now builds cleanly under /W4 with Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 build tools.

Bug Fixes and Other Changes:

  • An mpack-defaults.h sample configuration is no longer provided.

  • Replaced SCons unit test buildsystem and XCode/VS projects with Python+Ninja.

  • Fixed an issue where write overloads could be erroneously defined in C++ without MPACK_WRITER (#66).

  • Fixed some minor portability issues.

MPack v1.0

21 Oct 03:34
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A number of breaking API changes have been made for the 1.0 release. Please take note of these changes when upgrading.

Breaking Changes:

  • The Node API now separates tree initialization from parsing. After calling one of the mpack_tree_init() functions, you must explicitly call mpack_tree_parse() before accessing any nodes.

  • The configuration file mpack-config.h is now optional, and requires MPACK_HAS_CONFIG in order to be included. This means you must define MPACK_HAS_CONFIG when upgrading or your config file will be ignored!

  • Extension types are now disabled by default. You must define MPACK_EXTENSIONS to use them.

  • mpack_tag_t is now considered an opaque type to prevent future breakage when changing its layout. Compatibility is maintained for this release, but this may change in future releases.

New Features:

  • The Node API can now parse multiple messages from a data source. mpack_tree_parse() can be called repeatedly to parse each message.

  • The Node API can now parse messages indefinitely from a continuous stream. A tree can be initialized with mpack_tree_init_stream() to receive a callback for more data.

  • The Node API can now parse messages incrementally from a non-blocking stream. Call mpack_tree_try_parse() with a non-blocking read function to start and resume parsing. It will return true when a complete message has become available.

  • The stdio helpers now allow reading from a FILE*. _init_file() functions have been renamed to _init_filename(). (The old names will continue to work for a few more versions.)

  • The Node API now returns a node of "missing" type instead of "nil" type for optional map lookups. This allows the caller to tell the difference between a key having value nil and a missing key.

  • The writer now supports a v4 compatibility mode. Call mpack_writer_set_version(writer, mpack_version_v4); to encode without using the raw8, bin and ext types. (This requires MPACK_COMPATIBILITY.)

  • The timestamp type has been implemented. A timestamp is a signed number of nanoseconds since the Unix epoch (1970-01-01T00:00:00Z). (This requires MPACK_EXTENSIONS.)

Bug Fixes and Other Changes:

  • Fixed an allocation bug when closing a growable writer without having written anything (#58).

  • The reader's skip function is no longer ignored under MPACK_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE.

MPack v0.8.2

10 Apr 07:10
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  • Fixed incorrect element tracking in mpack_write_tag()
  • Added type-generic writer functions mpack_write() and mpack_write_kv()
  • Added mpack_write_object_bytes() to insert pre-encoded MessagePack into a larger message
  • Enabled strings in all builds by default
  • Fixed unit test errors under -ffast-math
  • Fixed some compiler warnings

MPack v0.8.1

11 Jan 09:09
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  • Fixed some compiler warnings
  • Added various performance improvements
  • Improved documentation

MPack v0.8

05 Jan 03:48
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  • Added mpack_peek_tag()
  • Added reader helper functions to expect re-ordered map keys
  • Improved documentation and added Pages
  • Made node key lookups check for duplicate keys
  • Added various UTF-8 checking functions for reader and nodes
  • Added support for compiling as C in recent versions of Visual Studio
  • Removed mpack_expect_str_alloc() and mpack_expect_utf8_alloc()
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs and improved performance

MPack v0.7.1

29 Nov 19:54
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  • Removed mpack_reader_destroy_cancel() and mpack_writer_destroy_cancel(). You must now flag an error (such as mpack_error_data) in order to cancel reading.
  • Added many code size optimizations. MPACK_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE is no longer experimental.
  • Improved and reorganized Writer documentation
  • Made writer flag mpack_error_too_big instead of mpack_error_io if writing too much data without a flush callback
  • Added optional skip callback and optimized mpack_discard()
  • Fixed various compiler and code analysis warnings
  • Optimized speed and memory usage

MPack v0.7

31 Oct 19:42
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  • Fixed various bugs in UTF-8 checking, error handler callbacks, out-of-memory and I/O errors, debug print functions and more
  • Added many missing Tag and Expect functions such as mpack_tag_ext(), mpack_expect_int_range() and mpack_expect_utf8()
  • Added extensive unit tests

MPack v0.6

27 Sep 16:15
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  • setjmp/longjmp support has been replaced by error callbacks. You can safely longjmp or throw C++ exceptions out of error callbacks. Be aware of local variable invalidation rules regarding setjmp if you use it. See the documentation for mpack_reader_error_t and issue #19 for more details.
  • All inline functions in the MPack API are no longer static. A single non-inline definition of each inline function is emitted, so they behave like normal functions with external linkage.
  • Configuration options can now be pre-defined before including mpack-config.h, so you can customize MPack by defining these in your build system rather than editing the configuration file.

MPack v0.5.1

16 Aug 21:22
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MPack v0.5.1 Pre-release


  • Fixed compile errors in debug print function
  • Fixed C++11 warnings