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Home of ncrypt.

This readme will get updated when a more polished version of the code is completed.

TODO: (Comments welcome)


  • Webserver
  • PHP
  • Database: MySQL (or compatible) or PostgreSQL

Dev Dependencies

  • cssmin
  • uglifyjs
  • make


www is the "public" base directory for your webserver.

All requests that don't target a static file should be handled through index.php; the path after the base url should be given as PATH_INFO (append as path to index.php), see resources/rewriterules.txt

Configure database access and other customizations in www/inc/ (you have to create it)

  $__config['database']['username'] = 'ncrypt';
  $__config['database']['password'] = '...';
  $__config['database']['type'] = 'mysql'; // default if unset. for PostgreSQL use 'pgsql'

Make sure you run "make" as it will generated all the required css/javascript files (and update templates accordingly) used on the website.

Directory structure

  • Makefile:
    run "make" after modifying/updating scripts to make sure generated files are up to date before committing.
  • develop/:
    scripts to maintain generated files
  • resources/: documentation of cipher modes, sql definitions, web server config examples
  • source/:
    javascript sources and 3rd party repositories (git submodule update --init --recursive)
  • www/:
    doc root (the public visible part)
    you should make sure clients can NOT read www/inc/ in plain text, as this file usually contains your database credentials.
  • www/inc/config.php:
    config default values; don't modify them, instead create www/inc/ like: