A Library of MDP algorithms for Artificial Intelligence
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A Library of algorithms for planning using Markov Decision Procceses.

The library provides abstractions for representing MDPs and implementations of several popular MDP solvers, such as Value Iteration, LAO*, LRTDP and HDP. It also supports problems described in the PPDDL format. For these, a variety of determinization-based solvers are provided, such as FF-Replan, RFF and FF-LAO*.

The library has been tested in Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04 (64-bit).

Some compilation notes

  • The PPDDL readed uses code from mini-gpt. To compile mini-gpt you will need the following dependencies:
    • yacc -- In Ubuntu you can run sudo apt-get install bison.
    • flex -- In Ubuntu you can run sudo apt-get install flex.