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Create and validate properties rules for all your app. Xamarin and Windows
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Validation Rules Plugin for Xamarin and Windows

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Create and validate rules for your properties for all your app!

Improve the quality of your data using validation rules. Validation rules verify that the data the user enters into record meets the standards you specify before the user can save the record. A validation rule can contain a formula or expression that evaluates the data in one or more fields and returns a value "True" or "False". Validation rules also include an error message to display to the user when the rule returns a value "False" due to an invalid value.

Documentation 📖

Get started by reading through the ValidationRules Plugin documentation. You can also add Validation Rule Templete extension for Visual Studio to make the work much easier and faster.


Platform Support

Platform Version
.NET Standard 2.0+

ValidationsRules or MyOwnImplementation

I get this question a lot, so here it is from a recent issue opened up. This plugin helps you maintain and better test your code in a scalable way by showing the results directly in the UI. This ensures the fastest, most secure, and reliable creation and editing validation rules per application. Additionally, it works with any Xamarin application, not just Xamarin.Forms.

Even if you do all the implementation of validation rules it will take a little time. And if you have to do several validations, sometimes it can be really hard.

To me that isn't as reliable as having an abstraction that does all the work for me.


Contribution 🆒

Thanks you for your interest in contributing to ValidationRules plugin! In this section we'll outline what you need to know about contributing and how to get started.

Bug Fixes

Please browse open issues, if you're looking to fix something, it's possible that someone already reported it. Additionally you select any up-for-grabs .

Pull requests

Please fill out the pull request template when you send one.

Want To Support This Project?

Just be active by submitting bugs, features, and sending those pull requests down!

Want to go further?

See what I have done.

License 📃

The MIT License (MIT) see License file.

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