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Python isbn request library for "Scripting Layer for Android" (sl4a)

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ISBN Android Cataloging

This is a SL4A (Scripting Layer for Android) script that I used for cataloguing my personal book library.

It scans a barcode, looks it up with the api, and stores the information in a text file.


  • Move the and scripts to the SL4A folder on your phone (mine is /sdcard/sl4a/scripts/


  • Execute

  • Print out the exit_code.png image. You scan that to exit the script.

  • The results of the catalog are stored in the same folder as, and the file is called books.txt

Known Issues

  • If the metadata of a book contains non-ascii characters, the script breaks when it tries to write to the catalog (fh.write()). The solution, I think, is to encode everything in unicode. I'm not sure what type of encoding the API is using. The error that is being raised is "UnicodeEncodeError".

  • I've had issues with certain books in the past. I don't remember which barcode format it was, but certain older formats are not scanned correctly by my phone's scanner, which causes the API query to fail. Maybe this is a result of my ignorance on barcode types. I left a "convert" function, that currently just returns the barcode that it is passed. It also takes a barcode format argument, which is coming from the phone's barcode scanner. This could be used to make the necessary conversions so that the API query won't fail.

  • Occasionally, when trying to scan the exit_code.png barcode, my phone picks up an EAN_8 barcode with some strange number.

Future Ideas

  • Add a manual input GUI for barcodes that are not found in the worldcat database

  • Text to speech verification with the android API's

  • Multiple ISBN lookup API's to fall back on if a query is not found on worldcat

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