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Teresa is an extremely simple platform as a service that runs on top of Kubernetes. It uses a client-server model: the client sends high level commands (create application, deploy, etc.) to the server, which translates them to the Kubernetes API.

Server Installation

Server requirements:

  • Kubernetes cluster (>= 1.9)

  • database backend to store users and teams (SQLite or MySQL)

  • storage for build artifacts (AWS S3 or minio)

  • rsa keys for token signing

  • (optional) TLS encryption key and certificate

The recommended installation method uses the helm package manager, for instance to install using S3 and MySQL (recommended):

$ openssl genrsa -out teresa.rsa
$ export TERESA_RSA_PRIVATE=`base64 -w0 teresa.rsa`
$ openssl rsa -in teresa.rsa -pubout >
$ export TERESA_RSA_PUBLIC=`base64 -w0`
$ helm repo add luizalabs
$ helm install luizalabs/teresa \
    --namespace teresa \
    --set rsa.private=$TERESA_RSA_PRIVATE \
    --set rsa.public=$TERESA_RSA_PUBLIC \
    --set aws.key.access=xxxxxxxx \
    --set aws.key.secret=xxxxxxxx \
    --set aws.region=us-east-1 \
    --set aws.s3.bucket=teresa \
    --set \
    --set db.hostname=dbhostname \
    --set db.username=teresa \
    --set db.password=xxxxxxxx \
    --set rbac.enabled=true

Look here for more information about helm options.

You need to create an admin user to perform user and team management:

$ export POD_NAME=$(kubectl get pods -n teresa -l "app=teresa" -o jsonpath="{.items[0]}")
$ kubectl exec $POD_NAME -it -n teresa -- ./teresa-server create-super-user --email --password xxxxxxxx


Read the first sections of the FAQ.

Homebrew Teresa Client

Run the following in your command-line:

$ brew tap luizalabs/teresa-cli
$ brew install teresa