Where I burry the projects that never made it!
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Where my old projects go to die because they

  • were never finished
  • are now irrelevant (school exercises)
  • contain code I am ashamed of

This container repo is only for the dead projects, Projects that have reached a stable state and that I no longer maintain or were discontinued were archived. It contains one branch for each old master branch of the dead repository.

Only projects that are older than a year are deleted on the GitHub parent repositories.



Description: Turn GeoJSON/Shapefiles into vector tiles on disk.

Cause of Death: tippecanoe now supports this option natively.


Description: Mapbox GL style using the Mapzen vector tiles.

Cause of Death: No longer maintained.


Description: Generate audio signal from all live Github commits to showcase my GHRR project.

Cause of Death: Really difficult to generate sound that is pleasant to listen to.


Description: Filter events from public stream and relay them to user webhooks.

Cause of Death: Would have been very interesting to implement but apart from that it is very difficult to understand what the idea is and I doubt anyone would use such a service.


Description: Provide free HTTP redirects to other domains because on AWS one cannot create endless buckets for redirects.

Cause of Death: Etcd did not want to play along and killed the initial joy.


Description: Manage and keep track of your Talent Pool of future employees

Cause of Death: Frontend and design actually finished. But never implemented a backend.


Description: Provides a PyFilesystem interface to Google Drive

Cause of Death: No longer motivated to work on implementation. Google Drive is quite difficult to emulate as a normal filesystem.


Description: Simpler PyFilesystem implementation for Dropbox than the original

Cause of Death: The main project cuckoodrive has been shut down.


Description: Android Thin Client for Syncany.

Cause of Death: Only contained design and was meant for a study project I didn't get.


Description: Google Drive plugin for Syncany

Cause of Death: My second failed attempt at emulating Google Drive as a filesystem.


Description: Markdown summary of the "Verteilte Software Systeme" lecture at HSR

Cause of Death: The summary has never been published and found it's way into a Google Document.


Description: Docker container to build flint.

Cause of Death: I cannot keep up with the flint releases that break each version.


Description: Dockerfile for Facebook's flint tool

Cause of Death: Facebook refused my pull request for an official flint repo.


Description: Website of my startup Mailgenic

Cause of Death: Mailgenic didn't solve a real problem and therefore failed.I could have tried harder though.


Description: Ansible deployment configuration my startup Mailgenic

Cause of Death: Mailgenic didn't solve a real problem and therefore failed.I could have tried harder though.

Further Information

The idea is inspired by the GitHub Spring Cleaning article.