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An accessible PostGIS query editor and visualizer.
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PostGIS Query Editor Linux Build Status Windows Build status MIT license

⚠️ This repository is no longer maintained by Lukas Martinelli.

A very accessible PostGIS query editor and visualizer. Getting started with PostGIS is harder than it should be. We spent much time in psql and wished to visualize our queries quickly without big complicated tools.


  • Just type your query - we try to figure out the geometry/projection
  • Beautiful MapboxGL based visualization
  • Click on any feature for full information
  • Table view to jump to important features
  • Display 100k objects with ease
  • Cross platform support for Windows, OSX and Linux

Demo video


Download the app for your platform from the releases page.

Now unzip the release and either execute for OSX, postgis-editor.exe for Windows or postgis-editor for Linux.

If this project gains traction we can start building installers for Windows and create packages for different Linux distros. You can also clone the repo and run postgis-editor directly with npm.


Video introduction into using PostGIS editor with Natural Earth data.

Using PostGIS Editor to explore Natural Earth


The PostGIS query editor is based on Electron using React and MapboxGL. Install node dependencies and generate dist.

npm install
npm run build

Run Electron app.

npm start

Create releases.

npm run package-all

The cross platform artifacts on the release page are automatically build by either Travis (for OSX and Linux) and by AppVeyor (for Windows).