WebPG for Firefox provides GnuPG related Public/Private Key operations and management in Mozilla Firefox
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lukasz-pawlowski I've added Polish translation files. I'm running through code now.
Handn't time last week, maybe this week I can do something.
I've noticed, that not everything is in XUL.
I strongly recommend to rewrite UI so all translations can be managed
through XUL and dtd files. I know it's a bit of work, but I think it's
really needed.


WebPG provides GnuPG, GPG, PGP related Public/Private Key operations and management in Mozilla Firefox

Features as of Version 0.8.3 -

* Fully functioning Public/Private Key manager
* Inline parsing of PGP blocks and keys
* Right-click to Verify, Sign, Encrypt and Decrypt
* Rough gmail integration [EXPERIMENTAL]

In order for this to operate you *must* have some software installed depending on your operating system; namely, GnuPG and a key agent.

Keep in mind, this is beta software, it will probably have lots of bugs -- use at your own risk, and please inform me of any bugs/issues via webpg-bugs@curetheitch.com

To build the extension [Linux or OSX], clone or download this repository, and from the root directory execute:


This should create the XPI file and load the extension in Firefox for installation.